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Writer & Communications Specialist

Hi, I’m Madison

freelance writer, artist, & communications professional

Here, you’ll find thoughtful writing and a balanced approach to content creation.

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I write for a variety of publications on topics that implicate the human body, human spirituality, and human culture.


Read my quarterly self-published magazines that each focus on a creative genre or topic that doesn’t neatly fit into my other offerings.


Downloadable packets and online workshops designed to support you as you read, learn, and rest.


Let Me Help You with YOUR Stuff

Social media management

Know you’re supposed to be on Instagram, but don’t know where to start? Curious if Gen Z is really on LinkedIn? Have an old social media page that could use a refresh? Let me help!

Email marketing

Your newsletter is your community. How do you reach the people who care most about hearing from you? You don’t need a list of thousands. Let’s share your successes!

Print media

I firmly believe that print never truly died. Many communities still expect print brochures, magazines, and resources. Together, we can make a sustainable plan for how to incorporate print into your digital strategy.

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Here’s my background, at a glance.

Master of Arts in Ethics

from the University of Chicago

5 years of marketing experience

Managing email marketing, social media, print production, and outreach for religious and educational nonprofits.

Bachelor’s Degrees in Creative Writing and Theology

with expertise in disability studies, moral theology, and creative nonfiction.

20k+ social media reach

through organic posting