Equipping Your Ministry to Include Persons with Disabilities

Originally written as a Life Teen Inc. exclusive for youth minister subscribers, Madison’s first book is now available for purchase!

Mosaic: Equipping Your Ministry to Include Persons with Disabilities is a broad, practical handbook for anyone working in youth ministry who wants to ensure their programming and messaging naturally includes bodies of all kinds.



Madison Chastain is a writer of disability theology and ethics who also happens to have a cognitively and physically disabled younger sibling. Combining 20+ years of growing up a caregiver and 5+ years of professional and academic research (as well as many years of ministry experience) Mosaic is a practical, personal, and inclusive glimpse into what it takes to accompany disabled persons in their lives of faith.

Youth Ministers Using Mosaic


Years of Research

What You’ll Get

Mosaic is designed to be a one-stop shop for youth ministers who want to ensure full inclusion of disabled members. It’s filled with…

Up-to-date language

Accessibility recommendations

Healthy interpretation of scripture + other messaging ideas

Media recommendations

Personal stories

… and more!

“We are called to be people who closely embrace broken bodies... to be a people of diverse languages, nations, and cultures. Disability is included in that intended diversity. The mosaic design of the kingdom of god is more beautiful that way."

– Mosiac