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Spring 2024: Garden Spirituality


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Spring 2024: Garden Spirituality

I’m not the gardener. But the garden is where I go to pray.

And by “pray,” I mean write. And read. And listen. And draw. And pray. In real life and in my imagination. 

This zine is a collection of reflections on the ways the women in my life have brought the garden to me. It also includes some collages of the gardens of my dreams – think “The Best of English Gardens” Pinterest Board – as well as journal entries from the last few years, as I’ve gone to the garden of my mind to pray a la Teresa of Avila. There’s poems and engagement photos, and a couple of hand-drawn renderings of the back yards of my youth.

You’re not going to find any tips in here about developing a green thumb: I can’t teach what I don’t have. But you’ll find lots of my favorite stories of seeing God in the garden and wondering if it’s Him.

Issues will be sent out on March 1.

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