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Hi, it’s Madison. Writer of books, articles, poems, zines, and more. This portfolio outlines my major genres and projects, with links where you can purchase or subscribe. 




Written in 2022, this book is a one-stop shop for youth ministers looking to ensure their programming is inclusive to persons with disabilities.

The Modern Saints

Released in 2023 with Convergent Books, this collection of original artwork by Gracie Morbitzer is accompanied by essays from various voices (including mine!)

programs, courses, & workshops

adult summer reading program

Do you miss the good ol’ days of checking out 13 books from the public library and finishing off summer with a pizza party?

Well my friend, I designed this for you. Join the club in 2024!



When was the last time you really rested? What kinds of narratives have you come to believe about rest that might not be true? Co-led with my dear friend, artist and writer Mary Beth Keenan, this workshop guides you into careful listening: to our bodies, thoughts, consciences, Earth, and Scripture. Together, we’ll meditate on how we can have a more nuanced and sustainable relationship with rest.

Disability Justice and Faith

Specifically designed with youth and young adults in mind, this presentation gives an overview of disability, chronic illness, and embodied experience as faith-implicating justice issues.

Disability and the Lasallian Charism

As a graduate of a Lasallian university and a former Lasallian Volunteer, the charism of the De La Salle Christian Brothers remains close to my heart. This presentation is designed for anyone with a Lasallian connection, prompting listeners to consider how disability, chronic illness, and mental health are crucial components of accompanying young people entrusted to our care.


Single Issues

I release quarterly zines on various topics for purchase in either print or digital formats. Click below to buy the latest issue.


Don’t want to miss an issue? Yearly subscriptions include all 4 quarterly zine releases. Print subscriptions include BONUS collectible mini-zines on surprise topics! 



I write for a variety of publications, including the National Catholic Reporter, US Catholic, Geez, and many more.

theology for everybody


The #1 question I get all the time is, “Do you have any recommendations for resources on ______?” Originally my blog, Theology for EveryBody is undergoing a makeover, to better respond to this question. Soon you’ll be able to peruse a curated list of print and media resources on topics related to inclusive theology, including the [     ] for EveryBody collection of zines made by me!


Consistent ethic of life. Imperfect bodies. Celebration of difference. On your comfiest shirt. Click below to shop the original collection.